Carpal tunnel surgery exercises are important supplements to your routine daily hand motions.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery ExercisesAfter carpal tunnel syndrome surgery weakness in both hands can often be an issue. This meant that some muscles weren’t getting used for several weeks. To fight this persistent weakness, below are several Carpal Tunnel Surgery Exercises .

Immediately following surgical procedure, the muscles surrounding the wrist shouldn’t be engaged with much strength, but you are able to do simple range-of-motion exercises.

Sample carpal tunnel surgery exercises:

Exercise one:

The first obvious exercise designed for strengthening the fingers and grip following carpal tunnel surgery is to just unlock and close the fist well past the point of weakness. Each lock should be as stretched as possible.

Exercise two:

After that, slim forward in seated position, forearm on thigh, palm up. Put a weighted ball in palm and lift the wrist upward, so that the ball moves towards your forearm. Then relax. Repeat past point of weakness. If this does not fatigue you within about forty repetitions, use a heavier weight. Weighted balls can be found in sporting goods stores or online.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Exercises might be effective before and after the surgery.

Exercise three:

Revolve out a section of toilet paper about 5-7 feet long. With justend of the paper, then begin scrunching it up within the confines our palm, with no using the other hand for help. See if you can bunch up all the paper into your palm with no using the other hand to help.

Exercise four:

Pretend there’s ink on the tip of your middle finger. Keep fingers together and straight, and move just the wrist, and “draw” each letter of the alphabet in the air, pretending that the ink on top of your middle finger is making the letter on a vertical sheet of paper hanging in the air.

Each exercise must be done 2-3 times each, and afterward every session 3 times per day.

Here is the list of carpal tunnel surgery exercises that also can be done during the recovery:

Fist Exercises

Thumb Flexion

Ulnar Glide

Finger Abduction

Forearm Extensor

Forearm Flexor

Wrist Curls

These Carpal Tunnel Surgery Exercises are not replacements for the usual hand/finger motion that you’d perform as part of your daily routine.